While some wrinkle creams have formulas that fail to grab your attention, the main ingredient in Nerium, nerium oleander, is said to be toxic.

Understandably, I was interested to see how NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment could safely reduce wrinkles and improve skin with a toxic ingredient.

A statement at says: “NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment was formulated after more than 10 years of scientific research and clinical testing. Nerium International is confident that you will not only find NeriumAD to be one of the most effective products you have used, but also one of the safest.”

Safe and effective, eh? Let’s dig a bit deeper into Nerium to see whether these claims should be approved or disproved.

Nerium Safety

Interestingly, nerium oleander kills cancer cells and is used as a treatment for cancer. Andnerium oleander is indeed toxic. In fact, 847 human exposures were reported to U.S. poison centers in 2002 alone. Taking it by mouth can lead to nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Fortunately, nerium oleander compounds aren’t readily absorbed through the skin. Nereum oleander has been used by herbalists for centuries to treat various skin conditions. But there is no research proving this ingredient is safe for the skin.

Some may experience an allergic reaction to nerium oleander, such as skin irritation and eye inflammation. Nerium users reported the following side effects:

• itchy, puffy eyes
• rash
• skin breakout
• dry skin
• swelling
• acne

While not all users see side effects, it’s interesting that a product that is supposed to help your skin could instead harm it by causing these conditions.

Nerium has conducted studies on the product through ST&T Research and supposedly found that it had no adverse reactions. But the website does not provide the links to this research, and I could not locate it anywhere else on the web. It makes one wonder if Nerium has something to hide.

Nerium Effectiveness

The effectiveness of Nerium is difficult to gauge. Reading user reviews on is like engaging in an all-out war.

Some, like Lauren Fliegar, loved the results they saw: “I was truly amazed at the results I saw in the reductions of my wrinkles and red on my face and neck . . . Thank you Nerium for giving me my youthful skin back.”

Others, like Margo NYC, was not impressed: “Didn’t like it, it broke me out and it’s very expensive. Definitely better skincare products on the market. I also feel like the people selling it are too pushy. Overall just not impressed. I’ll stick with my regular skin care routine.”

According to Nerium promoters, it works differently on everyone, and you need to give it time to see results. But it’s not guaranteed to improve your skin. And the fact that it caused side effects in some users is definitely a warning sign.

Nerium Sales

Nerium is sold via multi-level marketing. In other words, Nerium manufacturers hire representatives to sell their products. To buy the product, you technically have to go through a representative.

This type of marketing is frequently the subject of criticism and lawsuits. Because the representatives are paid based on how much they sale, it’s likely that they falsify results in user reviews and websites in order to promote the product.

Nerium International has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This is a marked improvement from 2013, when they had D+. The majority of complaints filed with the BBB were against the product itself, meaning many users had a major complaint against Nerium.

Reviewers mentioned Nerium deleting negative comments made about the product from their Facebook page. This might be a profitable business strategy, but attempting to filter out all negativity about the product seems a bit dishonest to me.

Buying Nerium

If you buy Nerium through a representative, you can supposedly try it risk-free for 30 days. You pay $110 for a bottle, and $80 a month for the auto-ship program. Some users mentioned that canceling the auto-ship program was difficult.

You can also buy Nerium at for $94.05 or for $79.50.

Even if Nerium were a miracle skin cleanser, this is a pretty steep price.

Nerium: The Bottom Line

Nerium isn’t proven to work, there are no reliable scientific studies proving that nerium oleander is safe, and buying Nerium is costly.

Although Nerium may work for some users, I think the cons outweigh the pros in this case. Pass on Nerium, and buy your skincare products elsewhere.


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  1. by Paula

    HI, I HAVE allergies and had my concerns with the botanicals in nerium. Sometimes I get rahs on my elbows, knees and face. I used the cortisone and other topicals with no effect. I stopped nerium and it got worse twice. So I did my own experiment and put nerium night cream on my facial rash and pimples……two times the rash and pimples dissappeared using nerium night cream….as I said the cortisone and topical antibiotics did nothing and I had to use make up for awhile. But now thanks to netium this rash and pimples dissappear in 2 days.

  2. by Young Mom

    Itchy, red rash on neck after 3 days… Spread by day 5. Will not be continuing use.

  3. by Rosalie

    I used this product for one week. My eyes are swollen dry eyelids and runny eyes. I can’t put my old cream on cause it makes it worse. It’s been 2 weeks!! Nightmare! I can’t even wear make up to hide it. Please think twice!

  4. by Rosebud149

    I just tried this product for a couple days. My eyes are swollen and leaky, it looks like I have been crying for days. My face is puffy. My sinus’ hurt and my face feels weird.I hope this goes away soon. I look weird!

  5. by Sandi

    You might want to update your review. Nerium has A+ rating:

  6. by dossierbefuddlement

    Thanks for the update, Sandi!

  7. by Lois852

    Tried the night cream. After 2nd day of use I had a rash, puffy face and itchy. Never thought I would have an allergic reaction. Won’t continue to use the product.

  8. by Matilda

    I have used Nerium for four weeks now and I see a remarkable difference. Just like all cosmetics, some people are allergic, others aren’t. I am 48 years old and was fighting rosacea, some acne and wrinkles. Nerium has helped in all three areas. My face is clearer, the redness is practically gone, my skin tone is brighter, my face looks slimmer and my pores are shrinking in my T-zone. Kudos for Nerium.

  9. by diane

    It smells horrible

  10. by Ragdoll

    I’ve been using the night crème and recently added the daytime crème. My eyes have been incredibly itchy and they water from the eyelids constantly. Tried an experiment and for two days did not use either product. Eyes cleared up right away! Doing another experiment — just using the night crème on the lower half of my face. Will see what happens. If leaky, tearing eyes again, will discontinue using it. It’s too expensive also. Not seeing any dramatic improvement in the skin texture either.

  11. by Ann

    Amazing results ! Skin looks and feels 10 years younger after 60 days .

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