Serovital HGH

serovital hgh

“HGH – It’s been called the fountain of youth,” states SanMedica International. And now, the company’s product Serovital HGH is promising to increase HGH.

HGH — the human growth hormone — promotes cells reproduction. Among its benefits are smoother skin, faster weight loss, stronger muscles, higher energy, and increased libido. Consumers buy Serovital HGH believing it can provide them with these benefits.

My goal was to discover the truth about Serovital HGH. Is it really an effective HGH supplement?

Who Makes Serovital HGH?

I know SanMedica International makes Serovital HGH. But that’s all I know about the company. It doesn’t have an official website or a Better Business Bureau listing. I don’t even know if the company is based in the U.S.

When I searched “SanMedica International” on Google, and news releases are the only results to come up.

I want to know whether SanMedica International is reliable before recommending its product. As it is, I don’t know if the company has a good reputation or not.

The Formula

The complete ingredient list is displayed on These are all the active ingredients:

L-Lysine. This essential amino acid improves calcium absorption, promotes proper growth, and produces carnitine. Carnitine converts fatty acids into energy.

L-Arginine. By increasing blood circulation, nitric oxide delivers more nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. L-arginine directly increases nitric oxide and is claimed to boost HGH levels.

Oxo-Proline. Also called pyroglutamic acid, oxo-proline is used to improve brain function and memory. It seems to increase blood circulation in the brain and keep brain cells healthy.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. This antioxidant protects cells from destructive toxins. As a result, it extends cell life and improves cell health and functioning. N-acetyl L-cysteine is commonly used to reduce illness symptoms.

L-Glutamine. The body uses L-glutamine to deal with stress; particularly from exercise. It strengthens and preserves muscles, and may increase and preserve HGH, too.

Schizonepeta Powder. In traditional Chinese medicine, this herb is used to treat illnesses. It may inhibit histamine and prevent allergic reactions.

Is Serovital HGH Supported by Research?

Several Serovital HGH ingredients were clinically tested. SanMedica International also claims its HGH supplement was tested. Here’s the research:

L-Lysine and L-Arginine. Study participants took L-lysine and L-arginine together and their HGH levels increased considerably.[1] In another study, L-arginine not only boosted HGH, it suppressed somatostatin.[2] Somatostatin is a natural substance that damages HGH and renders it useless.

Oxo-Proline. It does not enhance HGH production, but oxo-proline is shown to improve memory problems in older adults.[3]

L-Glutamine. Ninety minutes after taking L-glutamine, study participants’ HGH levels went up significantly.[4]

Serovital HGH. The official website claims Serovital HGH increased people’s HGH levels up to 682%. The study details are available on, but nowhere else. In addition, the study was not published.

I would prefer it if the study was published because this would add credibility to the results. It would also increase my confidence in the company’s claim that Serovital HGH is effective.

User Reviews

10 users left feedback for Serovital HGH on There are no other reviews online. Here are the individual ratings left by users:

• 5 stars: 2 users
• 4 stars: 3 users
• 3 stars: 3 users
• 2 stars: 0 users
• 1 star: 2 users

These are just a few quotes from the reviews:

“I have used this product almost 2 weeks and have not seen a single change or improvement in the way I look or feel.” – Jacked Again (1/5 stars)

“I’ve been taking this for 2 weeks without seeing any changes at all…I just wanted to let people know that if it works, it takes time.” – Robin (3/5 stars)

“Im loving how this makes my skin look and feel! And the sleep benefits are ooh la la!…I have noticed that I do recover a little sooner from my workouts not as sore as I normally get…I am noticing my middle and belly slowly getting smaller!” – Ginger Gurl (4/5 stars)

“Its truly the best product I have ever taken. I look better, have an increased energy, and just feel better overall. I highly recommend.” – Haleyb (5/5 stars)

One woman experienced bloating and flatulence after taking Serovital HGH, but no other side effects were reported.

7 out of 10 users said they would recommend Serovital HGH to a friend.

Buying and Returning doesn’t explain clearly how to use this product. My best guess is consumers are supposed to take 4 capsules a day on an empty stomach. At this rate, each box lasts 30 days. These are the retailers and prices: – $99.00 (Use promo code SERO09 to get free shipping) – $99.00 (free shipping)

The official website gives users the opportunity to pay less by signing up for auto-shipping. Each month, you receive a new box and the company bills you $80 (plus shipping and handling). There’s no obligation with this program; you can cancel at any time.

A money back guarantee is offered by, but no details are shown. I emailed the company for more information, but haven’t received a response yet. has a 60-day return policy. To my understanding, they issue a full refund for used and unused products. Just make sure to include these items with your return:

• Original email confirmation
• Packing slip
• Original packaging materials

If you have questions, the only way to contact Ulta is through the email form on its site.


If Serovital HGH really was researched, it may be worth trying. There are just two problems. The study has not been published, and I don’t know if it will be. Right now, the only place to read the study details is, which is the most biased source. The second problem is cost. Serovital HGH is very expensive.

Even if it is researched, Serovital HGH doesn’t work for everyone. This was shown in customer reviews. However, 10 reviews are hardly enough to really show what users think about Serovital HGH.

I don’t recommend buying Serovital HGH because there are probably better HGH supplements available.


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  1. by Karen

    Returning the product after 60 days of not seeing any difference in anything it claims to do! Dr.Oz recently spoke out that he has never endorsed this product, which they claim he has and the reason I choose to try it! Just had a certified nutritionist look at the product and he said it has no value and you can get those ingredients just by changing your diet! The customer service rep said I will only get a refund on the unopened box I have not the product I have left, so again false advertising on their part! Not worth it!!

  2. by Kay

    I have been taking the product for 6 weeks and see now improvement at all.

  3. by Kirsten

    I have been taking it for three months….That was all i was going to try…Now I don’t want to stop taking it…I love it! After having two children in my 30’s (I’m 39) my body has changed- acne along with my monthly cycle being super heavy and hair thinning that would not come back around the frame of my face….I know increased HGH is not an answer for these maladies..I tried bio-identicals to start feeling better and to help with menstration, but they didn’t help. Since taking Serovital, I have lighter periods, my hair is growing like crazy, my skin is clear, I have energy and feel great. I even lost a few pounds. I’m not taking any other supplement – just to see if it worked. I hate payng for it, but now that three months is up, I really am afraid my hair wont keep growing and my period will go back to being really heavy… Its worth trying it for three months. I had blood tests prior to and saw all my hormones were “normal”, i wish I had a new blood test to see if they are higher, more optimum levels….just to see. Unfortunately, doctors dont just like to do blood tests just so i can experiment :) I would recommend for a three month period. i’m very happy

  4. by s neighbors

    I tried serovital 1 week ago and had to stop after 2 days because on the second day I had a horrible headache and nausea. So I started again 3 days ago only half dosage and the results are already visible. I sleep really well with very interestind dreams. I woke up rested and had a lot of energy. My mood improved also and I feel less stressed. I’m a little concern with the lack of information and long term side effects. So Ill keep taking for now and monitor carefully any new side effects. I’m very healthy and fit otherwise. I’m just looking for more energy and keeping a young look. So far I have my first expetation met.

  5. by Grace Mason

    57 yo female. I have been taking for four months. Noticed adult acne which seems to get worst every day. I stopped taking it for two days, and acne almost disappeared. I started taking SeroVital again, acne reappeared. I have cancelled my order. On the other hand, Im sorry that I cant deal with the acne, but SeroVital helped me with energy, weikght loss, and stamina. Good and Bad,

  6. by JT

    I experienced THE WORST adult acne ever. I began breaking out in large pimples all over my chest and back. This was cthe only change in my diet so I have nothing else to consider as a cause. After 3 wks of discontinuation, it’s finally beginning to clear up. It’s summertime and I haven’t been able to wear tanks or bikinis in fear of showing this nasty case of acne. It’s aweful. I had high hopes, but unfortunately this was the only change I experienced after two-three weeks use.

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