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sma5h compound 5

Axis Labs released its newest pre-workout to join its ever-growing list of workout supplements: Sma5h Compound 5.

The company says Sma5h Compound 5 is a “precision pre-workout formula based on 5 compound INFUSIONS which act reciprocal upon one another.”

But, we know better than to take the company’s own word for it. So, I looked at the ingredients to find out if they are scientifically supported.

What Are Some Key Ingredients?

Ingredient amounts in SMa5h Compound 5 are not provided. Rather, ingredients are placed in 5 proprietary blends designed to improve different athletic parameters. This lack of dose information makes it difficult to gauge ingredient effectiveness.

Slingshot Strength & Endurance INFUSION (4,100 mg)
Carnosyn (Beta Alanine)
Carnosyn, a trademarked beta alanine form, enhances athletic endurance by producing carnosine, a chemical known to positively affect muscle and buffer lactic acid.

Researchers studied beta alanine’s effects on muscle carnosine content and muscle fatigue by supplementing athletes with 4.8 g beta alanine or a placebo as they underwent a 4-week study.

Research reveals muscle carnosine levels increased in the gastrocnemius muscle but remained stable in soleus for the placebo group. The beta alanine group experienced significant increases in carnosine content in both the soleus and gastrocnemius. Researchers conclude carnosine loading “slightly but significantly attenuated fatigue in repeated bouts of exhaustive dynamic contractions.” [1]

Depending on how many scoops are taken, there may be enough CarnoSyn in Sma5h Compound 5 to produce similar endurance-enhancing benefits.

Creatine HCL
Creatine HCL is said to be more potent than other creatine forms. Creatine increases water weight retention in muscles. This makes muscles appear bigger. Also, creatine offers a phosphocreatine to ameliorate ATP/energy production. Effective doses by one health professional are said to be 20 g for the first 5 days followed by a maintenance dose of 2 g (or more). [2]

There is not enough creatine for a loading phase, but creatine amounts in Sma5h Compound 5 may offer energy benefits with continual use.

Hyper-Vasodilation INFUSION (3,150 mg)
Glycerol Monostearate
This ingredient is a glycerol and stearic acid combination.

According to researchers, glycerol monostearate is shown to aid hydration to improve athletic performance. One study shows 1 g /kg glycerol with 1.5 L fluid about 1-2 hours before competition is a standard dose. However, some users reported feeling bloated or nauseated after glycerol ingestion. [3]

There may be enough glycerol monostearate in Sma5h Compound 5 to offer adequate hydration, but I can’t be sure.

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL
This ingredient optimizes energy production by enhancing fatty acid transport to the mitochondria to be converted for energy. Unfortunately, researchers indicate, “There are no standard doses for acetyl-L-carnitine and lipoic acid supplements.” The highest dose recommended for acetyl-L-carnitine is 1,500 mg per day.[4]

Acetyl L-carnitine HCL amounts in Sma5h Compound 5 may be effective in aiding energy production.

This amino acid optimizes chemical signal transmissions in the brain and for this reason is used to treat schizophrenia in .4 – .8 g/kg doses. [5]

Depending on how much of the other ingredients is in this blend and whether 1 or 2 scoops is taken, there might be enough glycine to produce similar signal optimizing benefits.

Joint Support Axis Infusion (500 mg)
Glucosamine is found in collagen and is used to treat osteoarthritis and support healthy joints. However, there are several glucosamine forms that “may not have the same effects when taken as a dietary supplement.” [6] The company doesn’t specify which form is used. This makes it impossible to tell if it is effective.

According to one health professional, evidence supporting chondroitin’s ability to ameliorate osteoarthritis is mixed, so ideal doses are unknown. However, some studies use 1,200 mg to 1,800 mg. [7]

PHIRE Energy INFUSION (255 mg)
Caffeine is a stimulant included in pre-workout supplements because it was clinically proven to support more weight lifted and greater peak power during an anaerobic (Wingate) test when administered in 5 mg/kg. [8]

There may be enough caffeine in 2 scoops to enhance workout performance.

Tyrosine is used to enhance mental alertness and other conditions involving the brain. Effective doses for improving alertness are 150 mg/kg per day. [9] Depending on the scoops taken, Sma5h Compound 5 may provide enough N-acetyl-L-tyrosine.

Focus Amplifying INFUSION (160 mg)
Phenylethylamine stimulates the central nervous system and increases serotonin and dopamine. However, I was unable to find clinically-effective doses. [10]

Consequently, I am unsure whether there is enough phenylethylamine in Sma5h Compound 5 to affect the CNS.

N-Methyltyramine HCL
This ingredient has adrenergic properties. One animal study shows it increased adrenaline-induced contractions. [11] However, there is not enough human research to provide an effective clinical dose, so I am unsure if Sma5h Compound 5 has enough to be effective.

What Is the Best Way to Use Sma5h Compound 5?

Take 1-2 scoops about 20-30 minutes prior to exercise. Mix Sma5h Compound 5 with 6-8 oz. water.

Users should start with smaller doses to assess its tolerance. After tolerance is assessed and users understand its potency, the dose may be adjusted to the full 2 servings. However, don’t exceed more than 2 scoops before any given workout day.

Also, water amounts may be modified to fit the desired sweetness and preferred taste.

Sma5h Compound 5 benefits may take affect right away in users, or they may take longer to occur in others. Users need to adjust consumption dose and time to fit personal preference.

Where Can You Buy Sma5h Compound 5?

Sma5h Compound 5 is available on the manufacturer website,, and is also available on

One bottle provides 45 servings, comes in watermelon flavor, and retails anywhere from $30.00- $40.00.

I found the best deal on Not only is Sma5h Compound 5 less expensive, offers a free Clutch N’Gage (10 servings) with its purchase. Clutch N’Gage is a recovery supplement packed with BCAAs.

What Are the Side Effects?

No side effects are mentioned on the manufacturer website,, and user reviews do not mention any side effects.

However, there are side effects associated with beta alanine, creatine, and caffeine. Side effects include: [2] [12] [13]

• Stomach pain
• Nausea
• Diarrhea
• Muscle Cramping
• Restlessness
• nervousness
• Increased heart rate
• Flushing

Luckily, side effects can be avoided by taking smaller doses. Also, ingredient amounts in Sma5h Compound 5 do not appear to be dangerously high. Consequently, I don’t think many users will experience these side effects.

Do Users Like it?

User reviews are limited to This may be because the product was recently released and its availability is somewhat limited.

Regardless, user reviews on echo the positivity of previous beta-test user reviews the company received when they sent out Sma5h Compound 5 beta samples. Overall, Sma5h Compound 5 receives a 10 out of 10 rating from 7 users. Here is what some of them are saying:

“I AM A BELIEVER!!!” Laurelle82 emphatically states. “This Sma5h is amazing. As one who did NOT believe in the hype or importante of supplementation, I am proud to say I was proven wrong!”

Vitamin_G says this product is “epic.” He compares it to the “demon spawn” of several other pre-workout products, containing their collective potency in just one Sma5h Compound 5 scoop. “The taste is spot on. And at $30 for 45 servings, what else could you ask for?”

Caligurl29 says, “Amazing! No crazy stim jitters … kept me super focused without that stim anxiety feelings.” She says she felt so good after her workout she went home and cleaned the whole house.

Does Sma5h Compound 5’s Benefits Outweigh Its Cons?

Sma5h Compound 5 is formulated with promising neural- and physical-stimulating ingredients clinically proven effective.

The price is affordable, and the amount of servings per container is decent. Depending on how frequently you take Sma5h Compound 5, it can last well over a month.

It is hard to ignore such favorable reviews from such a reputable sports supplement and weight training website as

I feel Sma5h Compound 5 would be a beneficial pre-workout for anyone looking for more than just a rush of beta alanine.

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