With just a simple microtab you place on your cheek, SuppressMint promises to make weight loss easy. This new slow-release appetite suppressant supposedly keeps you fuller longer so you can easily reduce calories and burn more fat. And it even promises to freshen your breath!

Can a breath mint actually curb cravings? Let’s take a look.

What’s Inside?

While a complete ingredient list isn’t available yet, we know the main ingredients in SuppressMint microtabs.

Chromium Picolinate – Chromium acts as a natural appetite suppressant by regulating blood glucose levels and improving insulin resistance.

Chromium is a nutrient found in food, but many studies show taking chromium supplements can aid in weight loss. When chromium levels drop, insulin resistance increases. When chromium is increased, insulin resistance is improved.

With more sensitivity to insulin, you will be less susceptible to food cravings and be satisfied quicker. In addition, insulin sensitivity can especially help those with type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome. [1]

Xylitol – This artificial sweetener gives SuppressMint its flavor without adding too many calories. In fact, xylitol contains only 2.4 calories per gram compared to sugar’s 3.87. While this might not seem dramatic, it results in about 38% fewer calories than mints with traditional sugar.

Not only is it a healthier alternative to sugar, xylitol fights the bacteria that cause bad breath. Research shows that xylitol inhibits the growth of yeast, streptococcus pneumonia, and haemophilus influenza. Consequently, the U.S. FDA allows xylitol-based products to make the claim that they do not cause cavities.

Why Isn’t There Much Information on SuppressMint?

SuppressMint microtabs are a new appetite suppressant, so information is limited. In fact, the official website appears to be unfinished.

Once the official site is finished, customer reviews, dosing information and a more detailed ingredient list should be available.

The Manufacturer

There also isn’t much information about SuppressMint manufacturers, Neuora Microceuticals. While it is a new company, it certainly seems to be making its presence known. Appetite-suppressing mints are certainly rare, and Neurora Microceuticals seems to have made a great start.

How to Use SuppressMint Microtabs

To use SuppressMints, simply place a microtab in your mouth, moisten it, and stick it to your gums next to your back teeth. It doesn’t matter if you put it on the top or bottom side of your mouth – just choose the area you think you won’t be tempted to move with your tongue.

The longer you leave it alone, the longer SuppressMint has to work on your bad breath. Also, by not sucking or chewing the mint, you cause a steady flow of chromium to curb your cravings.

How Much You Will Pay

You can purchase SuppressMint microtabs from the official site or

Each package of SuppressMint has 100 time-release microtabs.

Should You Try SuppressMint Microtabs?

With limited information, it is difficult to know whether or not SuppressMint microtabs actually work. But so far, these mints look like a solid choice. Give manufacturers a few weeks to get their site finished, some customer reviews up, and then make your decision.

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