Advanced Test-O-Boost Reviews

Niwali, maker of Advanced Test-O-Boost, reports this NIH figure: men lose 90% of their testosterone between the ages of 25-70, and 90% of men suffer from symptoms of low testosterone, including poor sex drive, impotence, muscle mass, and confidence. Advanced Test-O-Boost has several active ingredients that purportedly increase testosterone and treat these symptoms. I’m curious if it makes a difference in the bedroom and in…

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Vigorexin Reviews

According to the official Vigorexin website, 95% of all men are unhappy with their penis size. Vigorexin is advertised as a solution to this shame. It is designed to increase penis size, and it is supported with this company claim: “by using VIgorexin you will go from average to ‘well endowed.” Unlike most supplements, Vigorexin contains the ingredients in the right dosages to make those…

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Viagen XL Reviews

“The best kept secret to a more fulfilling sex life,” reads one advertisement for Viagen XL, male enhancement capsules formulated to add size to the penis and intensify orgasms. And after looking at Viagen XL’s potent list of ingredients, they might be on to something… The official website,, isn’t cluttered with testimonials, which are often exaggerated as a marketing tool. The company advertises its…

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High T Black Reviews

Fans of the original High T will probably get excited at the news of the “hardcore formulation” known as High T Black. High T Black certainly sounds intense, but is the updated formula good enough to give High T Black an edge, or should you stick with the original High T (or a different testosterone booster)? I looked closer at High T Black’s formula to…

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Test X180 Ignite Reviews

Supplement company Force Factor created Test X180 Ignite to light a fire under men’s falling testosterone levels and incinerate their robust fat cells. This product uses 2 proprietary blends, each with a separate purpose. The first is called Manliness Ignition Matrix, and it’s meant to stimulate testosterone secretion. The second is the Fat Incineration Complex for reducing fat mass. Force Factor’s previous testosterone boosters didn’t…

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High T Reviews

To say the testosterone booster High T has mixed reviews might be an understatement. “I’ve used High T for 6 months now and I am convinced it has delivered on all claims,” said Keljen4327 on Yet, Brianna Spark said, “After purchasing a few months of these pills and completing the full recommended course, this did nothing for my boyfriend. . . . Complete waste…

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Maxis 10 Reviews

Maxis 10 is a male enhancement designed to provide fast results. The manufacturer attributes sexual dysfunction and erection problems to work place stress. Maxis 10 reputedly solves these problems via nitric oxide and muscle relaxation. Let’s take a look at Maxis 10 and to out if it is an effective male enhancement supplement.

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High T Senior Reviews

High T Senior is unique in the High T testosterone booster line because it is formulated for men over age 50. While it includes ingredients clinically proven to raise testosterone, it also contains ingredients to support prostate health. Men experiencing lower testosterone due to age may be interested in learning more about High T Senior. I looked closer at this supplement to give you all…

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Evotest Reviews

BSN has introduced a new testosterone-boosting supplement: Evotest. Evotest is purported to use cutting-edge ingredients to increase exercise and muscle performance, mainly through cutting-edge ingredients like d-aspartic acid and magnesium oxide. Let’s look at the details to see if Evotest lives up to BSN’s claims.

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Xantrin Reviews

Xantrin is a topical male enhancement cream featuring “Neurotransmitter Signaling Delivery Technology.” While male enhancement creams provide a nice alternative to taking pills, what can we expect from Xantrin’s delivery system? Let’s review what we do know about Xantrin, exploring its ingredients and benefits, to find out if Xantrin is worth tracking down.

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