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vaso ultra

Promising to increase penis size, enhance sensitivity, and increase penis muscle, Vaso Ultra is among the most ambitious male enhancement supplements I’ve ever seen.

Created by Research and Applied Sciences (RAS), Vaso Ultra is advertised as “40 times more powerful than top competing brands.”

However, RAS has run into trouble before with past products, and I find some of the claims made on disturbing. To see if my suspicions are warranted, I’ll take a closer look at Vaso Ultra.

Examining the Vaso Ultra Website

One of the first things that stood out to me when researching Vaso Ultra was the unprofessional quality of the website. Misspellings and grammatical errors plague the site, and actual ingredients are misspelled and even mispronounced. This tells me Vaso Ultra wasn’t created by a professional company with knowledge in creating supplements.

Another disturbing aspect of the Vaso Ultra website was the number of scientifically-incorrect claims made. RAS continually refers to the “reverse nitric oxide pathway” as the breakthrough that enlarges your penis, a phrase that means nothing to people who really understand the ingredients in Vaso Ultra.

Vaso Ultra also says their product is “proven in published clinical studies” to increase penis size by 36%. However, they don’t provide any links to this study and there’s no information online about Vaso Ultra being tested. And, considering no herbal supplement permanently increases penis size, this claim is invalidated further.

Along with these incorrect statements, the website also makes truly bizarre claims about giving your penis a more “muscular” look. I’m not sure what this means, but I’m fairly confident it’s off-base.

Perhaps the most concerning is that is identical to, a website advertising the exact same formula in a supplement called Vaso-9. Both products are marketed and sold by the same company. There are even parts of the Vaso Ultra website where RAS clearly slipped up and forgot to change “Vaso-9” to “Vaso Ultra.”

Just based off these appearances, I’m already skeptical about Vaso Ultra.

The Vaso Ultra Formula

RAS doesn’t tell us much about the Vaso Ultra formula. Instead of giving us the product’s nutrition label, we get an ingredient list under the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website.

I don’t like this approach because it doesn’t let us know anything else about the blend other than these ingredients. We don’t know the blend’s total size, any individual ingredient amounts, or number of capsules per serving.

Nevertheless, I’ll settle for what RAS does tell us and go over these ingredients now.

L-Arginine and L-Citrulline

These 2 amino acids are included for their ability to trigger nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide expands blood vessels to allow more blood to travel throughout the body, including to the penis. This ensures a thicker, higher-quality erection. Arginine and citrulline’s benefits have been observed several times, including in a study involving patients with septis and septic shock—conditions that usually decrease nitric oxide production [1].

Tribulus Terrestris

Because tribulus terrestris is associated with greater testosterone production, it is featured as the active ingredient. With increased testosterone, sex drive and physical endurance improve, resulting in enhanced sexual performance[2]. However, tribulus terrestris won’t trigger penile growth, as Vaso Ultra advertisements promise.


This proprietary blend contains 4 ingredients designed to inhibit aromatase and optimize free testosterone.

Eurycoma Longifolia. Protodexx’s first ingredient is also its most effective. Euryocma longifolia is an herbal extract that inhibits sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) to enhance free testosterone levels. In one study, eurycoma longifolia decreased SHBG levels by 30% to increase testosterone circulation by 400% [3].

Maca Root. Maca root is associated with increased energy and a better hormonal imbalance, which corrects erectile dysfunction. Because of these benefits, maca is often fed to livestock to increase fertility [4].

Avena Sativa. Avena sativa, or wild oat, naturally improves mood to combat, stress, fatigue, and a low sex drive. It also lowers SHBG production, allowing for more free testosterone [5].

Long Pepper. Regarded as an aphrodisiac, long pepper is said to increase sex drive and even reverse infertility symptoms [6]. This can help improve your sexual experience, but—like the other ingredients in Vaso Ultra—it does nothing to increase penis size.

This formula reads like a pretty basic male enhancement supplement. It has ingredients to boost testosterone production, sex drive, and even to improve erection quality. It does not, however, contain ingredients that trigger penile growth. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as there’s no way to lengthen your penis short of surgery.

I would feel somewhat comfortable with this formula as an average male enhancement product, except RAS gives us no information on individual ingredient quantity or even a total amount for the blend itself. Vaso Ultra could very well contain each of these ingredients, but the blend may be so small, it won’t be effective.

Without any more information on this subject, it’s hard to make a judgment call on Vaso Ultra. Considering RAS’s reputation in the industry, I’m not inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

How to Use Vaso Ultra

The usage instructions for Vaso Ultra are pretty vague. All manufacturers say is to take a full serving on an empty stomach two hours after you’ve eaten. However, they go on to recommend taking it first thing in the morning or just before bed. Unless you eat a very late dinner or a very early breakfast, I don’t see how this works out.

According to RAS, you should keep taking the pills once you’ve “reached the 8-inch or 9-inch mark.” However, we’ve already established that Vaso Ultra isn’t going to grow your penis, so this is irrelevant. As a male enhancement supplement, you should just take Vaso Ultra as needed.

Purchasing Vaso Ultra

Manufacturers say Vaso Ultra is available at “leading health food and vitamin retailers” throughout North America and Western Europe, but I find no evidence to support this claim. In fact, although RAS says there’s a waiting list for Vaso Ultra at, GNC says it has no plans to market this product.

Unless Vaso Ultra was released to these “health food and vitamin retailers” just recently, the only place to find Vaso Ultra is on There, you have the following purchasing options:

1 bottle: $39.99
3 bottles: $79.98
5 bottles: $119.9.5
7 bottles: $159.92

As for shipping, you have 3 options. The most basic is ground service for $9.95. You can also order 3-day express for $19.95, or overnight for $49.95. Be aware the default setting on is for 3-day express, so unless you change it, you’ll be charged an extra $20 for shipping.

Each order is backed by RAS’s 60-day money-back guarantee. Hypothetically, you could return the unwanted product within 60 days and qualify for a full refund. However, customers have expressed difficulty getting a refund. They report RAS representatives were rude and unhelpful, offering only a partial refund or actually hanging up the phone when they asked to return the product.

I wouldn’t depend too much on this guarantee as you consider ordering Vaso Ultra.

The Final Judgment on Vaso Ultra

Vaso Ultra is a classic example of a product designed by people who don’t understand supplements and are just looking for some quick cash. The formula and its intended purpose are wildly incongruous, and the manufacturers’ business practices don’t match up with a company concerned about its customers.

Vaso Ultra doesn’t have bad ingredients for a male enhancement supplement, but as a penis pill, it fails. Save your money and keep looking.


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  1. by richard hammer

    I had been taking magna rx for a while with satisfactory results, and would stack it on the weekends with one of those pills you find at the gas station, triple power zen (beware of counterfeit, they don’t work) and became a sex machine.

    while surfing the net, i saw an ad for Vaso9 and the new technology, so i purchase the largest volume possible because it offered the best price per unit.

    I never expected my penis to grow, every supplement i tried makes that claim and as long as i have been taking supplements i should be 18 inches long, however that is not the case.

    regardless, i began taking vaso9 when my supply of magna rx ran out. i have been taking it daily for four months now and noticed a decline in my performance. even when i stack with the triple power zen, im not performing the way i used to.

    i decided to go back to my original combination and take the vaso9 until the supply runs out with not intent to reorder.

    if there is something better out there, id be glad to know what it is, because there is nothing more satisfying then having your mate finish before you and fall asleep from exhaustion.

  2. by richard hammer

    i forgot, my rating for this product is one star because i cant vote for less than that.

  3. by Mike

    I had a prostate exam about two weeks prior to starting to take Vaso Ultra. After taking about one and a half bottles I began to have a restriction in my urination flow. I went to my doctor who examined me again and said that my prostate was enlarged. I have sent messages to the makers of Vaso but they have not answered. I quite taking it and am trying to get a rebate.

  4. by leonid

    Yes i agree i take vaso ultra for almost 3 month and dont see anythinkg. Anyway i still take my supply for 5 month ..let me see what happen..but for now nithinkg change..i thinkg is scam pill

  5. by Sebastian

    well i have been taking this product since beginning of march and yet until now have not seen any penis enlargement results i am a 24 year guy, i have been taking the capsules everyday on an empty stomach every morning, i have already taken 5 Bottles and so penis enlargement results.

    is this supposed to be a 100% guarantee product?
    at what time am i supposed to see results???
    from march till this day august 3 and still no penis enlargement results.

  6. by Sebastian

    i still do not know what ring to give it if i have not seen results yet.
    i just hope ,really hope that this product really works, and say the same as the other positive reviews i have read.

  7. by jim owen

    I ve been on these things for three months and all I ve seen is a little girth no length at all so it don’t look good !

  8. by steven fargos

    no pill can make your penis grow in length or girth
    there all scams
    comeone people wake up

  9. by steven fargos

    as for vaso ultra they run threw a ups store in los angeles
    and i live 5 mins away from that ups store and go there always
    and confronted a lady that goes there and ships or products and i almost wanted to kick her fucken ass
    yes i did say fucken

  10. by steven fargos

    i bought a penis extender and been using it every day for 6 months with penis exercises and gained on my penis 2 inches in length and 1 inch girth and going to the gym everyday and take l arginine for blood flow and also take vitamin e to create more volume of cum and also walnuts and few other vitamins and my 19 year old girl friend loves it
    stay away from any pills that claim to grow your penis its all fake you might else wall take flintstone vitamins

  11. by pepe

    i took them for 1 year and didnt work at all. No increase whatsoever not even 1 mm, nothing, nada. Beware they are scammers.

  12. by mark

    i have used vasco ultra its amazing it does make you wider and longer i drink grape fruite juce and i have black pepper aswell in hances it take correct food aswell guys i have only taken one bottle at the moment it does make a difference

  13. by mike larry

    Send me my money or simply the pills that WILL WORK

  14. by Stephanie Williams

    Mike, you’ll need to take your issues up with customer service for Vaso Ultra. We only write reviews based on information we have available. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you, but we just reviewers like yourself – we don’t handle subscriptions or cancel orders or make refunds.

  15. by Htown

    This shit does not work!!!!!

  16. by Anthony

    These pills and exercise create a thicker and longer penis, by when they say muscular, you will see more veins and the load you can generate is impressive, as for overall length, that’s where as I said in combination with exercise, works for me, remember not everyone responds the same

  17. by nakedbody

    I have purchased this product and tracked this with penis health exercises
    I was 6 inch -grow 2 inchs now 7-8 lenght
    I was 4 inch girth -grow 2 inchs now 6-7 girt
    penis health exercise and combo of blood flow pill grows cock I have pictures and charts to prove this
    Now have a monster cock I call it loveboat size….

  18. by CJinPA

    Vaso Ultra worked for me, but it wasn’t just taking it alone. I was exercising my body and doing some penis exercising. Im not some scam artist or promoter but it does work, haven’t experienced any side effects but I’m feeling confident I’ll be okay. I was never expecting to grow 5 inches each way but I’m okay with the results, close to an inch longer and 2.5 in girth added. Also grew half an inch, don’t know if that’s a side effect too but it happened, thought I was done growing. (I’m 27). Cheers!

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